… even if with some difficulties, but at last the 2013 race season has started. Hooray! :-)

I had some quite bad weeks after the spyroergonometry test as I “managed” to catch a bad cold or something even worse. It was no surprise as everyone in the family was coughing when I went home so there was no escape… Luckly (or unfortunately?) I didn’t have high temperature, but still I had no chance to sit back on my bike. After 30 seconds of light pedalling I had to stop because of coughing.

So I tried to be an obedient little girl, I did all that my GP told me to do (which hardly ever happens…), and additionally, I used all home practices to recover as quickly as possible. Yet, it took more than two weeks till I was able to start real work. But how happy I was to get back on my beloved Scottie again and head for the so-called White Hill in Slovenské Darmoty.  And, of course, there was a bit of anxiety as well, since a week later is RACE TIME!

But before that, we had a ceremony to participate in Salgótarján, as I had been chosen to be the Most Successful Sportswoman of Nógrád County in 2012 – for the fourth time consecutively.  Besides the sportspeople, the coaches had also been invited and were given a little prize.  I think it’s a great thing to win this title but much greater the responisbility is because even if you care about it or not, you are set as a kind of example for the (young) people, so you have to come up to it. But I’d rather not do too much philosophy now. 😉

But getting back to the race, the so-called Kupa, which has been a great task and challenge for my team for 7 years now. Some of us take a greater part in the organisational duties so it is especially difficult to do well both in the race office and in the race itself… As for me, for the past 7 years I have never managed to make the most of my riding here as I was always tired, not physically but rather mentally.  But at least there is a nice group of people who do their task professionally at the registration office, start/finish area etc. That’s the only way we have been able to do this race for such  a long time now. Either you have a ton of money or you have enthusiastic and intelligent people. We have the latter one.  😉

The children’s races are always a great excitement, as well as a source of motivation. I’m just hoping to see them on the race course in ten years’ time as well!


The atmosphere in moving pictures – thank you, SteveStudio!

The elite/U23 + the juniors started at 3pm. By that time I managed to calm down after the morning rush. However, out of a sudden, our beloved head organizer, Viktor asked what if I had a GoPro on me to record the race. Well, honestly speaking I wasn’t so happy about the idea, especially because I was not sure about my performance…

Yet there was one thing I was sure of, and that was the reason why I agreed on it: if I clear my mind and don’t think that the camera can disturb me, it won’t cause any problems. So I put this idea deep in my head and made myself believe it. Surprise, surprise, the plan worked. :-)

The only problem was that I made an exceptionally good start (which I hardly ever do) and escape from the others quickly on the hillclimb section, so there was not too many useful pics in the recording.

At least there were some seconds which became everlasting:

During the race all I was thinking about was to do the fastest laps I could and watch out for the “dangerous” opponents, such as my Slovakian colleague, Michaéla.

She was riding a fully 29er – a real treat for pink-lovers. 😉

She tried her best to catch me, but my beloved steep hillclimbs are MY very best friends.

As for the lap times, they were a catastrophy, compared to the ones last year. But I have to say by this time last year I had put a bit more race kms in my legs. Besides, I was not ill…

Not an easy start, but will be better. Anyway, all is well that ends well, which meant a relatively easy win for me before Michaéla and Roni Cseh.

As for the Elite men, Szilárd Buruczki was unbeatable, even if he had a penalty start from the back of the riders (for illegal training). He was followed my Marci Blazsó, our marathon-rider and the Slovakian young “titan”, Jozef Bebcák.


SteveStudio – XCO Moments:

The Elite race:

Then a week later came the Turieckap XCO race in Turcianské Teplice (Slovakia).

I am fond of this spring race because: the “internationality”, the course itself, and the nearby aquapark.  :-)

There were Czech and Polish riders, too. As for the girls, I knew almost all of them. I thought that I needed everything on my side to be able to reach the podium. I had had a tiring week, technical training on Saturday, too, so my legs were far from perfect. But race-training can really do good.

I managed to do only one lap for training on the course as we arrived  a bit later than I thought we would. I didn’t race there last year as I had a minor injury, but I managed to memorize most parts. I was sad to see how the trees had been cut in that beautiful forest – just like at home… :-(

Then came a bit of anger as my watch (or rather the transmitter) stopped working. So no heart rate info. Super… Viktor became even angrier and we had a “nice” argument  – 2 minutes before the start. Wonderful…

As a result, my start was bad, but it was no surprise. It took for a while till I managed to get focused again and begin overtaking. I had 5 laps to show what I could do. In the meantime, Viktor and my brother supported with info and, of course, some “brain-blasting” XX-Force (great isotonic drink from Nutrixxion).


Luckily, there was no mud, and I especially enjoyed the climbing on the paths with stones and roots. I think I did the 2/3 of the overtakings there. However, there was one part which made a fool out of me all the time…

Katarzina and the Czech girls vanished soon after the start and I could not see Michaéla until the fourth lap. Something not good is going on, then. I should have caught her much earlier. I think she must be really brave down with that 29er… 😉

What made me get in focus was the girls in front of me. I simply love chasing. I hope one day I will do more escaping, than chasing… 😉

However, I became too polite with the boys who were coming from behind and let too many of them overtaking me, therefore I ended up with one of the Czech girls right behind me. Then I made two mistakes, and lost the fourth position. It was not my day… But she did it fine, and deserved the place.

All in all,  I’m not worried at all, I will be stronger and more techical soon! Beware! 😉

As for the boys, Michal Lami came in first, followed by Martin Haring and Ondrej Fojtik. The result  was not surprising for me, as Lami has made a really nice improvement for the past few years. However, his younger brother, Frantisek passed the finish line with 1:15 after him. That was surpising for me. Well done for all of you!



As the aquapark was inevitable, we spent 2 relaxing hours there. The best aquapark I’ve ever been, really! Try it when you are there.

This weekend is not fixed yet as the nect Hungarian XCO race is really far from us. I would like to go but if I can’t, I won’t worry as the marathon season also starts on 1st May in Budapest!

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