Race – with Watts

Although the past two weekends’ program was going to be about road races for me, but due to the catastrophic weather here in Hungary both of them were cancelled/postponed. However, I had another “nice” program: spiroergometry test. :-)

It was a comprehensive test, really. First I had to fill in a two-page “testpaper”. Luckily, my medical history has been quite uneventful, no broken bones, no nothing at all.

Then came the blood test and the body composition measurement. I was eager to know how punctual my home scales were in terms of fat content… 😉

Then I got my “dress”: the nice, colourful ECG, as the electrocardiography device was measuring me throughout the whole test.

Even though I had at least six cables on me (I didn’t count them), it was not uncomfortable at all. The kind assistant set everything all right. Then I got the oxygen mask. Darth Wader in white… 😉

When I almost said goodbye to this world at around 350W, I felt I was dying on the spot. But the funny thing is, in a couple of moments I was OK again. Yes, I admit I was shaking a bit but I expected much worse reactions – especially because my base training was not really successful due to my knee injury…

When I recovered well, I did my last  – and perhaps the second most difficult task: the breath test. Unfortunately, I could have been better.

But I got some nice tips on how to improve it: from blowing balloons, to swimming and even a really good guide by A.A.Sandy Adam’s Super Lung Power and Breath Control. I hope it will help.

When I got the results, I was very happy, as the report contained guide for eating and food choice as well. Furthermore, my calorie consumption was calculated as well. The sad thing is that I had to realise that when I don’t do long training (if I’m ill or it a light day) I eat too much… :-(

So now I have to be more careful about what, when and how I eat. Not an easy task – nut not impossible!

I hope the weather will get better soon as it is high time I sat on my mountain bike since the “show” begins on 14 April at our XCO race: the eBIKE.hu Cup, National Cup Series #1!

A tough beginning! Masochists are warmly welcome! 😉

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