About a wonderful day…

To break the long silence, let me share a couple of photos with you about how my, or rather our, things are going. But before that, I’d like to say thanks for all the kind words, messages, inquiries about my “how-being”, and apologize for not spending any time on FB. I simply had no energy nor time to write and had to rebuild my inner side. My bones seem to heal faster than my heart…

But all those things are for another post, now I just want to illustrate what happiness the broken collarbone-story and its aftermath gave us.

EV_Lagzi026You can find some more in the Photos menu. 😉


  • Copa Internacionál de MTB #1 (UCI SHC), Araxá, Minas Gerais (BRA), 06-08-2015, WElite 25th place (with a broken collarbone…)
  • Andalúcia Bike Race (UCI S1), Jaen, Cordoba (ESP), 22-27-02-2015, WElite duo (with Brigitta Poór) 7th place
  • Trans Hajar (UCI S2), Muscat (OMA), 30-01-03-02-2015, wElite 2nd place
  • Costa Blanca Bike Race (UCI S2), Benidorm, Albir, Polop (ESP), 22-25-01-2015, WElite duo (with Celina Carpinteiro) 7th place


  • Linartech Autóház Kupa (SuperCross CX #6), Kecskemét, 14-12-2014, WElite 1st place
  • eBIKE.hu Kupa – Príbeli István Emlékverseny (SuperCross CX #5), Balassagyarmat, 30-11-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Karancs Kupa (SuperCross CX #4), Salgótarján, 23-11-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • LoCargo-Veszprém Cross (SuperCross CX #3), Veszprém, 16-11-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • EDDekor Ózd Kupa (SuperCross CX #2), Ózd, 02-11-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Mátra Maraton XCM NCh, Sástó, 31-08-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • MTB Cross Country “Rund um den Roadlberg” (XCO C2), Ottenschlag im Mühlkreis (AUT), 23-08-2014, WElite 5th place
  • Nyugat Maraton Kupa 2. forduló, Zirc, 10-08-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Bükk Maraton (XCM Hungarian Cup #5), Felsőtárkány, 03-08-2014, WElite (abs.) 1st place
  • Halicanum Trophy (XCO C2), Sveti Martin na Muri (CRO), 02-08-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • Ucka Maraton (UCI Maraton Series), Lovran (CRO), 27-07-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • XCO NCh, Pilisvörösvár, 19-07-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • III. Borsodnádasd-Decathlon XCO (XCO Hungarian Cup #5), Borsodnádasd, 13-07-2014, WElite
  • I Love Balaton Bringaweekend MTB Maraton, Szántódpuszta, 12-07-2014, WElite (abs) 1st place
  • 15. Duna Maraton (XCM Hungarian Cup #4), Visegrád, 06-07-2014-, WElite (abs) 1st place
  • 28. Palóc Triathlon, Sprint distance, Balassagyarmat-Nyírjes, 05-07-2014, W AG 30-35 1st place
  • 2013/2014 UCI Marathon Series Overall Ranking 1st place!!! :-)))))
  • XCM WCh, Pietermaritzburg (RSA), 29-06-2014, WElite 18th place
  • Cross-triathlon NCh, Bánk, 22-06-2014, WElite (abs.) 1st place
  • 2. Csömöri Bringafesztivál, XCO C2 (XCO Hungarian Cup #3), Csömör, 21-06-2014, WElite 4th place
  • XCM ECh, Ballyhoura (IRL), 15-06-2014, WElite 9th place
  • XCO ECh, Sankt Wendel (GER), 08-06-2014, WElite 30th place
  • Bikemag Eplény Kupa (XCO Hungarian Cup #2), Eplény, 01-06-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Specialized Maraton Szilvásvárad (XCM Hungarian Cup #2), Szilvásvárad, 25-05-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Kelly’s Bakonyerdő Maraton (XCM Hungarian Cup #1), Bakonybél, 17-05-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • Hegau Bike Marathon (UCI Marathon Series), Singen (GER), 11-05-2014, WElite 4th place
  • Roc d’Ardenne (UCI Marathon Series), Houffalize (BEL), 04-05-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • X. Buda Maraton (XCM), Budapest, 01-05-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Salgótarján Kupa (XCO Hungarian Cup #1), Salgótarján, 27-04-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Roc Laissagais (UCI Marathon Series), Laissac (FRO), 13-04-2014, WElite 5th place
  • 18. XCO Premantura Kamenjak Rocky Trail (XCO C1), Premantura (CRO), 15-04-2014, WElite 17th place
  • Kamptal Klassik Trophy (XCO C1), Langenlois (AUT), 30-03-2014, WElite 13th place
  • IV. SuperCross (Cyclocross) Series overall: WElite 2nd place