About me


Name: Eszter Dósa

Born: Balassagyarmat, 2 November 1983

Residence: Érsekvadkert (Hungary)

Sports: mainly mountain biking, but cyclocross, road cycling, too. Besides, a bit of (off road-)triathlon/duathlon, running, swimming, cross-country skiing and winter triathlon as well

Best results:

  • 12-time national champion in different sports/disciplines
  • 5-time national MTB Marathon champion consecutively
  • 10th – Mountain Bike Marathon European Championship (Elite) (2012)
  • 8th – UCI Marathon World Series overall ranking (2012)
  • Winner of national cup series (XCO, XCM, Cyclocross) (2012)

All data can be found in the Results section.

Team: Vitalitás SE (Balassagyarmat, Hungary)

Coach: Viktor Szász


  • Scott Spark RC (mountain bike)
  • Ridley Crosswind (cyclocross)
  • Planet X Road ultra light pro carbon (road bike)


  • 1998-2000: Radnóti Miklós Secondary Grammar School
  • 2000-2002: Madách Imre Secondary Grammar School
  • 2002-2007: ELTE BTK English MA

Job: foreign trade assistant, English teacher

Hobbies: languages, sport, plants, amateur confectioner, doing things which seem impossible 😉

A couple of words about the beginning. Although my attrection to sports has always been there, I did not use to be a sportsgirl at school. During my primary school years I participated in all programs my beloved school offered, including handball trainings twice a week. Although we were not successful, at least we had regular exercise. As for cycling, as most children in my village, we spent quite a lot of summer hours in the streets and outside the village.

Then years went by, and my focus was on learning exclusively (being hardworking all my life). When finishing university I became ore interested in mountain biking, or rather curious. My elder brother, Márton, was already a member of Vitalitás Sports Club – and a regular visitor of mtb events. He encouraged me to go cycling a lot to gain endurance. (He was afraid for me, namely that I wouldn’t be able to finish a 30km marathon race). So I began collecting the kilometres… When, finally, at the beginning of September 2006 I entered for Mátra maraton. And something began…

So I attended one more race and the next, when our team manager asked if I wanted to have a planned training. Of course I wanted – I was delighted to see the continuous improvement.

Improvement led to targeting bigger and bigger aims – standing on the podiums in Elite category, winning gold, becoming a member of the national team, listening to the Hungarian anthem on the podium of foreign races… and still a long way to go.

Anyhow, I cannot be but grateful to god and all the people who help(ed) me find and experience what sports can give.