• Copa Internacionál de MTB #1 (UCI SHC), Araxá, Minas Gerais (BRA), 06-08-2015, WElite 25th place (with a broken collarbone…)
  • Andalúcia Bike Race (UCI S1), Jaen, Cordoba (ESP), 22-27-02-2015, WElite duo (with Brigitta Poór) 7th place
  • Trans Hajar (UCI S2), Muscat (OMA), 30-01-03-02-2015, wElite 2nd place
  • Costa Blanca Bike Race (UCI S2), Benidorm, Albir, Polop (ESP), 22-25-01-2015, WElite duo (with Celina Carpinteiro) 7th place


  • Linartech Autóház Kupa (SuperCross CX #6), Kecskemét, 14-12-2014, WElite 1st place
  • eBIKE.hu Kupa – Príbeli István Emlékverseny (SuperCross CX #5), Balassagyarmat, 30-11-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Karancs Kupa (SuperCross CX #4), Salgótarján, 23-11-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • LoCargo-Veszprém Cross (SuperCross CX #3), Veszprém, 16-11-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • EDDekor Ózd Kupa (SuperCross CX #2), Ózd, 02-11-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Mátra Maraton XCM NCh, Sástó, 31-08-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • MTB Cross Country “Rund um den Roadlberg” (XCO C2), Ottenschlag im Mühlkreis (AUT), 23-08-2014, WElite 5th place
  • Nyugat Maraton Kupa 2. forduló, Zirc, 10-08-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Bükk Maraton (XCM Hungarian Cup #5), Felsőtárkány, 03-08-2014, WElite (abs.) 1st place
  • Halicanum Trophy (XCO C2), Sveti Martin na Muri (CRO), 02-08-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • Ucka Maraton (UCI Maraton Series), Lovran (CRO), 27-07-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • XCO NCh, Pilisvörösvár, 19-07-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • III. Borsodnádasd-Decathlon XCO (XCO Hungarian Cup #5), Borsodnádasd, 13-07-2014, WElite
  • I Love Balaton Bringaweekend MTB Maraton, Szántódpuszta, 12-07-2014, WElite (abs) 1st place
  • 15. Duna Maraton (XCM Hungarian Cup #4), Visegrád, 06-07-2014-, WElite (abs) 1st place
  • 28. Palóc Triathlon, Sprint distance, Balassagyarmat-Nyírjes, 05-07-2014, W AG 30-35 1st place
  • 2013/2014 UCI Marathon Series Overall Ranking 1st place!!! :-)))))
  • XCM WCh, Pietermaritzburg (RSA), 29-06-2014, WElite 18th place
  • Cross-triathlon NCh, Bánk, 22-06-2014, WElite (abs.) 1st place
  • 2. Csömöri Bringafesztivál, XCO C2 (XCO Hungarian Cup #3), Csömör, 21-06-2014, WElite 4th place
  • XCM ECh, Ballyhoura (IRL), 15-06-2014, WElite 9th place
  • XCO ECh, Sankt Wendel (GER), 08-06-2014, WElite 30th place
  • Bikemag Eplény Kupa (XCO Hungarian Cup #2), Eplény, 01-06-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Specialized Maraton Szilvásvárad (XCM Hungarian Cup #2), Szilvásvárad, 25-05-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Kelly’s Bakonyerdő Maraton (XCM Hungarian Cup #1), Bakonybél, 17-05-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • Hegau Bike Marathon (UCI Marathon Series), Singen (GER), 11-05-2014, WElite 4th place
  • Roc d’Ardenne (UCI Marathon Series), Houffalize (BEL), 04-05-2014, WElite 2nd place
  • X. Buda Maraton (XCM), Budapest, 01-05-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Salgótarján Kupa (XCO Hungarian Cup #1), Salgótarján, 27-04-2014, WElite 1st place
  • Roc Laissagais (UCI Marathon Series), Laissac (FRO), 13-04-2014, WElite 5th place
  • 18. XCO Premantura Kamenjak Rocky Trail (XCO C1), Premantura (CRO), 15-04-2014, WElite 17th place
  • Kamptal Klassik Trophy (XCO C1), Langenlois (AUT), 30-03-2014, WElite 13th place
  • IV. SuperCross (Cyclocross) Series overall: WElite 2nd place


The year 2013 started somewhat different from what I had expected: an injury, multiple upper respiratory tract infections, troughs of waves, cancelled races. However, I do believe that it is absolutely no use and a waste of time crying over spilt milk. It is much more important to stand up and look bravely into the future.

Anyway, I have no reason for being sad: here I am, with good health, surrounded by wonderful peope, I can do what I would like to and I love what I do. As for the results, they are numbers, sometimes serving as a basis for evaluation, but what is far more important and exciting is what happens BEFORE reaching the finish line.  Yet, here you can find what I have done so far:

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